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An association for alumni and supporters of The Daily Texan

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An association for alumni and supporters of The Daily Texan

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Krissah Thompson named first Managing Editor for Diversity and Inclusion at The Washington Post

The Washington Post has named Krissah Thompson as its first managing editor for diversity and inclusion. The 41-year-old newsroom veteran is the first African American woman to become managing editor in the paper’s 143-year history.
And she’s an alum of The Daily Texan. Congratulations to Krissah and The Post.

Below is a profile of Krissah from the Friends of The Daily Texan website, recounting her days at The Texan and her career.

And her bio:
Education: Master of Journalism, University of Maryland; College Park & Bachelor of Journalism and Plan II Honors, University of Texas at Austin
Krissah Thompson began writing for The Washington Post in 2001, after graduating from the University of Texas at Austin School of Journalism and College of Liberal Arts Plan II honors program. She also earned her Masters of Journalism from the University of Maryland. She has been a business reporter, covered presidential campaigns and written about civil rights and race. Before becoming an editor, she covered the first lady’s office, politics and culture.
Honors & Awards:
Feature writing award from the National Association of Hispanic Journalists, Emmy 2015 nomination in the “New Approaches: Documentaries” category and several honors from the National Association of Black Journalists.


Krissah Thompson

Eighteen-year-old Krissah Williams Thompson found her way down the smoky basement stairs, through the heavy side door plastered with paper and stepped into The Daily Texan basement days before her freshman year began.

Thompson, a Plan II and journalism major from the Houston area, signed up to try out as a reporter. Little did she know, it was just the beginning of her journalism career.

“It was such a rush to be covering a community of 50,000 people while still learning the profession,” said Thompson, who writes features for The Washington Post. “It made me fall in love with journalism even more.”

Thompson, who writes for the Post’s Style section, covers first lady Michelle Obama, race and civil rights issues. After a Post reporting internship in 2001, she went on to cover business, elections and other issues, including traveling nationwide to interview voters during the 2008 presidential campaign.

Thompson knew at an early age that she wanted to be a journalist. The Texan helped guide and shape her interest in the profession.

“I was hooked,” she said. “It was such a wonderful introduction to working in a newsroom.”

Thompson took the valuable skills earned from countless days and nights writing and editing the Texan to the nation’s capital to work for one of the top daily newspapers in the nation.

The opportunity to spotlight important issues in relation to Michelle Obama offered a new challenge for Thompson.

“Politics can be a tough beat for storytelling,” Thompson said. “This beat was different, a significant challenge.”

In 2012, the Post launched a series on black women, asking the group about a host of issues through a national poll conducted by the Post and Kaiser Family Foundation.

Storytelling through these features and other profiles drove her passion for journalism.

“It gave me a first taste and interest in projects,” she said.

One project involved spending six months with a source to feature the explosive growth of Latino businesses. She wrote about a Guatemalan immigrant’s path to open a restaurant. The story, “Tenacity Drives Immigrant’s Dream,” won a feature writing award in 2006 from the National Association of Hispanic Journalists.

Back at the Texan, Thompson got her first taste for projects her junior year through a series on diversity and race on campus. It included a series of profiles of individuals from different communities. “Race at UT” sparked debate on campus on the important issue.

“Part of my interest in journalism has been to tap voices that aren’t necessarily always heard,” Thompson said. “The Texan gave me an early opportunity to do so.”

She also interned for the Austin American-Statesman on the business desk and was a Dow Jones Newspaper Fund business reporting intern for the Houston Chronicle. She worked as assistant managing editor, associate editor and reporter for the Texan. After her internship at the Post, she worked there part time until she obtained a Master’s in Journalism from the University of Maryland.

Thompson now lives in Maryland with her husband, Danny, and their son Jayden, 10, and their daughter Viviana, 1. Follow Thompson on Twitter @krissah30.


Melissa Drosjack Underwood is a freelance writer forever indebted to The Daily Texan for igniting her passion for writing and reporting. She trained with The Associated Press in New Orleans, wrote for in Washington, D.C., and Chicago, and now lives in Houston with her husband, Jeff, and their three boys. She worked at The Daily Texan from 2000 to 2002 as an Associate Managing Editor, News Editor and Senior Reporter.