An association for alumni and supporters of The Daily Texan

Friends of The Daily Texan

An association for alumni and supporters of The Daily Texan

Friends of The Daily Texan

An association for alumni and supporters of The Daily Texan

Friends of The Daily Texan

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New Editor-in-Chief and two new Managing Editors to lead The Texan

A new Editor-in-Chief and two new Managing Editors have been selected to lead The Daily Texan in the coming year.

Sanika Nayak has been elected Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Texan for the 2021-2022 academic year. 

After being in the opinion department for two years, Sanika was selected to serve on the Diversity and Inclusion Board as Internal Relations Director. In this role, she helps to create an inclusive environment within the Texan

Sanika Nayak

and works to ensure that coverage is respectful and representative of all communities on campus. As Internal Relations Director, Sanika helps to edit stories, maintain coverage tracking, and foster conversation about diversity and inclusion within the newsroom. She also began the new initiative of hosting department-specific D&I workshops, which she created and presented during the semester.

Through her time in the opinion department and the Diversity and Inclusion Board, Sanika has grown to love the intersection of journalism and advocacy– an interest that motivated her to run for Editor-in-Chief. Her vision for the Texan is to focus on amplifying student voices and to create a platform for student activism through representative coverage.

Upon graduation, Sanika hopes to pursue law school and carry forward her dedication to advocacy from journalism to the legal field.


Ariana Arredondo will serve as Summer Managing Editor.

Ariana Arredondo is a rising junior at the University of Texas at Austin and is serving as the summer 2021 managing editor of The Daily Texan.

Ariana Arredondo

Arredondo previously worked as associate managing editor, Life and Arts editor and co-internal relations director

for Diversity and Inclusion.

In summer 2020 she worked as an editorial intern for Austin Woman Magazine wrote features for the magazine.

She hopes to continue to work towards diversifying The Texan’s coverage and creating a safe space for staffers of color and LGBTQ+ staffers.

She will graduate in spring 2023 with a bachelor’s in journalism and a minor in U.S. Latin America and Latino Media Studies.



Myah Taylor will serve as Fall Managing Editor.

Myah Taylor is a junior journalism student with a passion for storytelling. She got her start at the Texan in spring 2019 as a general sports reporter covering Texas track and field, a fun first beat.

That fall, Myah became a senior reporter and covered Texas women’s basketball. In this role, she wrote numerous feature stories and pursued an in-depth project about the identity crisis collegiate athletes sometimes face once they leave their sports after graduation.

Myah Taylor

Myah became the sports editor for the paper in summer 2020 and remained in this role until last December. During her tenure leading the sports department, the staff covered a range of topics such as racial injustice, gender disparities in coaching and mental health in athletes. A major point of emphasis that semester was to go beyond game recaps or previews.

As she edited stories, Myah wrote some of her own in her additional role as a Texas football beat reporter. After over a year of doing journalism in a remote setting, Myah is excited to help the Texan in its (hopeful) transition back to in-person production.

She aims to establish an even richer culture of storytelling and community in the beloved basement that some have missed so much and others have never seen.

Upon graduation, Myah hopes to tell sports stories or write about pop culture at any publication that will have her. As long as she can use her words and create with a purpose, she will go wherever the wind takes her.